Carnival Edition-The Sunday Sun- New Orleans,
Sunday, February 25, 1906

-The French Balls

And the probable candidates for the Queen Title

The event of the Mardi Gras season is the four hundred social circles of which our dear girls represent a large percentage will be those warm french balls given at Odd Fellows Hall on Saturday and Tuesday nights respectively. These strictly local affairs, which have long since become famous will exceed all former balls, and a grand night at which (illegible) will be given those attending. These great events will be conducted as in the past by the two well known gentlemen which means a whole bit. The topic of conversation among the landladies and leading girls of the district during the week has been relative to the queenship and much speculation has been rife among them. Among those spoken of are the Misses Josie Arlington, Margaret Bradford, Hilda Burt, Margaret Miller, Jessie Brown, Ray owens, Florence Leslie, Flora Meeker, and following all star boarders Myrtle Burke, Eva Stanford, Daisy Merrit and many others too numerous to mention.

Scarlet World

The Arlington Saloon, No. 12 N. Rampart Street, presided over by Tom Anderson, is the principal and most popular resort for all sporting men. Everything you get there is first-class.

The Arlington over Anderson's Annex has been doing annual Carnival business during the week. Miss Arlington was in hope of occupying a potion of her Mansion ere this, as was stated in this paper, but it now transpires that it will be fully fifteen days before the Contractor can turn over the Mansion.

Miss Hilda Burt is the loving proprietress of the Star Mansion, who took a flying trip to St. Louis, returned last Sunday.

There are several dives along Basin which we advise the boys to steer clear off by reading the Sun, and keep posted on maatters pertaining to your future health and well fare.

Little Grace of Basin near Bienville street who tried suicide Tuesday night is now sorry she tried it for her idiot act has cost her the loss of a very dear producing friend.

One of the pretty petite brunette queens who has many new surprises for the boys during the holidays and at all times is sweet little Ellie DeCorevont, known as "Gold Tooth" Washington D C belle. This charming little woman can be found at the French Studio No. 331 N. Basin avenue. (as written)

The establishments kept by Miss Ivy Abronds of Bienville and Robertson streets are filled up with a bunch of swell little ones, for Mardi Gras. Boys this is the place to go when out for a good time. New surprises all the time.

Mardi Gras is now upon us and everybody will lay aside business cares for a few days and give way to fun, frolic and sport, and don't forget the two french balls Saturday and Tuesday night.

There was a big rumpus in one of the leading establishments on Basin ave last Wednesday night when the bell boy tried to kiss a chambermaid. She would not have it and thus, consternation.

A well known local landlady is now dickering for the upper floors of Anderson's Palatial Annex now occupied by Miss Josie Arlington, and it is rumored when Miss Josie shall have moved into her new home her present temporary quarters will be turned into a permanent sporting establishment and operated on the swellest plans. The lady now after the place is well known.

(photo of Lulu White) ...The above cut is the swell Lulu White who is known by reputation the World over. Lulu is without a doubt one of the swellest landladies in the country and also bears the reputation of being the Queen of Diamonds, as she wears a young fortune in the precious stones nightly. The Mahogany Hall, the name of her establishment contains at the present time 40 of the swellest Octoroons in the World. The mansion is situated on Basin Avenue and Bienville street.

Mary Smith does not expect much this Mardi Gras. No wonder she need new material and faces.

Maggie Wilson a buxom and pretty little woman who lives at 1314 Customhouse street, informs the Carnival visitors who are out for a good time to call on her and she will give them a run for their money. And that's no dream.

The Arlington
This gilded palace has a national reputation and is know (sic) the World over. In this mansion are to be found a fine contingent of facinating girls. The Arlington has broken records for a number of lovely queens and it has now in its mansion eighteen of the creme de la creme of female lovliness to be found. Popular Annie Casey is still the efficient and well liked housekeeper. Strangers here during the carnival will be royally entertained, and a sweller or more elegant mansion does not exist. Until Miss Arlington's Annex is finished she is to be found over Anderson's Annex corner Basin avenue and Customhouse street.

Miss Hilda Burt, Star Mansion
Miss Burt is a young woman of great popularity and one who has been in our city but a short time, has become one of our most popular landladies, and her Mansion, "The Star", which is situated at (number illegible) Customhouse street (209 N. Basin) has become the rendezvous of the bon tons. Miss Burt has made great preparations for the Carnival, and those visiting this famous establishment will be assured of a most enjoyable time. Her ladies are truly dreams.

Miss Jessie Brown, Maison De Joie
Miss Brown has the honor of keeping one of the finest and most elaborately furnished establishments in the city, where beautiful women, good wine and swee music reigns supreme. Jessie is clever to every one and keeps one of the most refined houses in the Tenderloin. Misss Brown's number is 1542 Customhouse street. A royal time will be accorded all those visiting this up-to-date establishment, Jessie is a good fellow, full of fun, intelligent and as pretty as a doll. It is no wonder she is making so many friends.

Miss Fannie Lambert, The Phoenix
Among the landladies who are doing fine and dandy is Miss Fanny Lambert who keeps that elegant mansion at No. 1547 Customhouse streets, Miss Fanny is a recognized good fellow and enjoys a very prosperous business in the village. She is surrounded by a number of swell entertainers and good lookers who can please the most fastidious.

Miss Flora Meeker's Place of Mirth
Everybody in the sporting world knows Miss Flora Meeker and she knows everybody worth knowing. So it is unnecessary at this time to make any introductory remarks about Miss Meeker, suffice it to say she is still at her same old place where she has been for a number of years past, doing a boss business which she deserves, Miss Flora is well thought of by all and her house is patronised by the best element. Carnival visitors should no overlook this swell mansion where the cream of female lovliness will be found which is situated at No. 211 Basin avenue.

Miss Julia Dean
Boys if you are looking for a good time, visit the home of Miss Dean at the Corner of Conti and Basin Avenue, and get acquainted with some fine young girls who can cure the worst case of blues on earth. Miss Julia is a fine, good fellow, and has no equal when it gets down to real article.

Miss Dean is the oldest landlady in the district today and all through her life she has been known to conduct nothing else but a first class establishment.

Miss May O'Brien, The Irish Queen
is proprietress of 1549 Customhouse street, popular with all, has a house full of beautiful young girls and increasing her business daily. May is the Irish Queen, and always has a sweet smile on her face. The many strangers who will come to the city during the Mardi Gras should not fail to visit this establishment. A royal time will be accorded all those visiting this up-to-date house at any time.

Miss Lou Prout
Miss Lou Prout whose reputation for keeping a swell furnished room house is second to none, is located at No. 1551 Bienville, between Villere and Robertson streets. Miss Lou, because she continues to do a good business is perhaps the most popular woman in that line of business a fact which is proven by the swell patronage given her establishment.

Strangers and others in quest of a good time can find it at this house.

Jules Kuhn still has his eyes on the little Basin street blonde. Say old boy, we give you credit for having a good taste in looks. Belle Boyd the charming blonde of Mahogany Hall is looking more like a two year old now than ever. Belle is peacherine. "Its" or jennie men as they are sometimes called are plentiful around Canal and Franklin streets. The police ought to break this bunch of human vampires up. A certain saleslady in one of the Canal street stores ought to let up meeting the proprietor's son-in-law on Carondelet and Lafayette streets before we spring a story on them.
The conductor on the Dauphine line ought to stop making sweet eyes at the negress employed corner North Rampart and Conti street. Shame Minnie Rosenthal is now living with Miss Jessie Brown 1542 Customhouse street. Boys, she is the goods. A grand french ball will be given to night and everynight during the week at the French Studio on Basin Avenue, boys this is the house to visit these times for a hot time. Ellie the gold tooth kid is the star and she is a dandy too.
This is the leading french house in the country and every language on the globe is spoken and new attractions are being booked all the time. So boys get in line for Studio.
Boys and girls when you are hungry and haven't got much money go to the "Little Place Around the Corner," No. 1503 Bienville near Marais street, kept by J Dalliano. He is a Mexican cook who is a good one. Short orders, and oysters in every style will be found there.
Harry, why don't you go and see Edith, she is grieving about you and looks awful bad. Make up Harry, she's a good fellow and loves you. Miss Marguerite who keeps at Nos 215 and 215 Basin avenue is doing fine and dandy. She has several fine looking girls living with her who are up to date, and ready for any good old time. Visit the place and be convinced. Say Clara Moore, you better be careful that some one don't make you pay a beer license. Romey Young from Galveston, Tex is expected in a few days, and has engaged rooms with Miss Margaret Bradford
Thousands have seen here, and millions have heard of her, such are the expressions of many regarding the extensive popularity of Countess Willie Piazza, who operates a swell house at No 317 Basin avenue. Carnival visitors should visit this establishment if they want a swell time There is but one house, and one alone, that can be termed first class on Robertson street, and this place is Miss Ivy Abrounds corner Bienville. The others we have our doubt. So boys beware, lest you get caught out that way Read the ads elsewhere in these columns of the C, C, C.Club and the "Two Well known Gentlemen," These Clubs give their annual balls on February 24 and 27th Mardi Gras. Estelle, who occupies the neat cottage 305 Basin ave, near Bienville, has an idea of business. Estelle is a pronounced brunette and a genuine Parisian buxom and very pretty woman. Estelle has many friends who admire her for the many good qualities she possesses. She is an entertainer, speaks several languages, and is a thorough good fellow. A visit to her will not be regretted.
Among the swell houses in the district there is none more popular or attractive than that one which is operated by Miss Antonio Gonzales, on Customhouse street corner of Villere. All summer this resort has done good business notwithstanding the prevailing dull times. This place is filled with beautiful young women all the time, and avisit to the tenderloin is incomplete without enjoying a good time here. This place is what we might term a modern music casino. Miss Margaret Miller the sweet and amiable landlady who occupies 337 Basin avenue is making so many friends of late that she cannot entertain half of them. It shows to reason why she is so popular. Miss Marguerite is a good fellow, and a swell entertainer. She has also a house full of pretty girls, and to convince yourselves of this, visit the house. Don't forget the number, 337. Two sweet girls from Hattiesburg Miss have come here and have embarked in business at No 1418 Conti Street, and the firm is styles Douglass and Wells. Vivian the senior partner, while her partner Nina is enhancing to say the least. So boys if you want to have a good time visit these girls and they will entertain you in true Mississippi style. Miss Gypsy Shafer a gueen among landladies of 1552 Customhouse Street entertains her patrons in true up-to-date style and those who have visited this swell establishment always return. The lady entertainers now with Miss Gypsy are of the creme de la creme stock, and as Miss Shafer herself is a fine fellow well known through out the city it is on wonder her house is doing so well. Strangers in town for the Carnival should by all means visit this house and enjoy a swell time with the girls.
Miss Mittie Cook who keeps a beautiful double cottage at Nos. 1509 and 1511 Customhouse street, wants her friends and patrons to know tht she has incresed her staff and she now has a house full of beauties. For a good time visit this establishment, boys, as the motto is good treatmet and a run for your money Lulu White, the Queen of Diamonds and the proprietress of Mahogany Hall, always gets the cream of business if there is any. She is always surrounded by the finest and prettiest lot of Octoroon beauties to be found in the country. Her house has a national reputation. Among the ladies who have become very popular, is Miss Vivian who keeps a odern establishment at No. 325 Basin avenue. In this palace of joy there can be found a bevy of girls who are not only fine lookers, but entertainers in the art. Boys visit this house for a good time. Miss Annie Ross who is known far and wide for keeping one of the most orderly houses in the city and who is located at No. 210 Marais street has mad many additions to her staff and boys whn you are out for a good fun visit these girls and you will find them always ready to give you a good time and a run for your money. Here are their names; Grace Williams, Bertie Williams, Nellie Hook, Jessie Herring, Camile Dupre, Mamie Snyder and Josephine Lore.
Miss Nellie Condon the proprietress of 1414 Conti street is enjoying every blessing of life these days. Nellie is on of those creatures whose irresistible fascinations never fail to captivate the admirations of every one, and it goes without saying that Nellie is one of these best of good fellows at all times. She has living with her Edna Woods and other girls who never fail to please. Boys when you go out looking for a real good time, where you take no chance what so ever. The house you want to visit is that one operated by that princess of good fellows Miss Ivy Abronds situated at the corner of Bienville and Robertson streets (also a very quiet reserved spot in the tenderloin). In this establishment can be found at all times a bunch of beautiful young girls all the time who can please the most fastidious and exacting. The French Studio which is known as one of the chief attractions of Storyville is one of the brightest asd [sic] best place to visit when out for a good time. Miss Emma Johnson the landlady is too well known to need introductions suffice it to say she is ths [sic] swellest on the avenue and her girls are the finest to be found anywhere. Every language is spoken here and all of the new dances are seen here nightly. So boys when looking for a real first class house go to the French Studio on Basin ave.  

The Sunday Sun Advertisements

As originator of the French Studio, Miss Johnson has established a line of business envied by most of the French women. Emma was for several years at 159 Customhouse street and moved to here present large and beautiful house, 331 and 333 N Basin Avenue, some three years ago. The French Studio is crowded with girls of all nations ahd to those who are looking for a genuine circus is the place. Elegantly Furnish ROOMS
Corner Liberty,
Miss Florence Reed, Proprietress
Fifteenth Grand Fancy Dress and Masquerade Ball
To be given by the ... C. C. C. Club,
On Saturday Night. Feb. 24, 1906.
Subscription Price, $3.00.
Ticket and Ladies invitations can be procured by applying at Anderson's Saloon. No. 112 N. Rampart Street, or to Lamothe's Restaurant, No 137 St. Charles Street.
...and right beneath this ad......
Our Leading Brands, "Continental Rye,"
"Raleigh Springs,"
"Southern Cross
Rye" and "Athletic Club."
Importers, Distillers and
Wholesale Liquors
Memphis, -- Tenn.
New Orleans Salesman
Phone 2614 L Main.
Grand Fancy Dress and Masquerade
Two Original Well-Known Gentlemen,
On Tuesday Night, Feb. 27, '06,
Price of Admission, $3.00
Tickets and Ladies Invitations can be procured by applying at Andrson's Saloon, No 112 N Rampart Street, or to Lamothe's Restaurant, No 137 St. Charles Street.
Phone Main, 2207 L.
Liquors and Cigars
127-129 Burgundy Street,
New Orleans

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